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Cicala and Associates LLC

Regulatory compliance, pressure on costs, the need to produce stakeholder returns and ever increasing demands for innovation are the challenges that many enterprises face. Successful organizations are those that best marshal their resources, eradicating waste, reducing risks and increasing effectiveness.

No matter what industry you are in, IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the key management discipline that makes a difference. When applied with sensitivity to your organizations structure and culture, IT Asset Management delivers auditable results that count.

CicalaOnline is your source of objective and focused ITAM best practice advice that results in building and sustaining sustains successful ITAM programs.

Unlimited access to Strategies and Tactics that deliver

Cicala analysts work intimately with successful asset management programs on a daily basis and are passionate in their approach to aggressively managing IT Assets. Get direct access to their 'brainpower' through Learn which principles and processes make the difference and how to apply them for your organization. Benefit from the most comprehensive body of asset management knowledge in the world. Because Cicala Strategies and Tactics are written by established practitioners, our insight is deeper and more relevant to the challenges you face. Come and meet the team.

Strategy and Tactics - Knowledge is Power

CicalaOnline Strategies and Tactics give you the upper hand. Whether establishing an Asset Management program, selecting tools, or making a major acquisition, the monthly research topics will keep you updated with the leading IT procurement and Asset Management events, processes and best practices.

Market Commentary

Quarterly analysis of key vendors and their performance in the market from a Wall Street perspective. The commentaries look at how they are responding to shareholder expectations and more importantly, what it might mean for you

Supplier Spotlight

Focusing on IT vendors, Supplier Spotlight provides valuable insight into their plans and ambitions

Pat's Thoughts

Topical, lighthearted, and sometimes irreverent musings of the worlds leading team of IT Asset Management practitioners.


A key component of the program is fast and direct access to the most comprehensive and customized body of Asset Management knowledge. Understand how to apply the key principles and processes that will make the difference for your organization.

Cicala Domain Expertise

World Class Processes and Best Practice for all areas of ITAM, including and not limited to:

  • Asset Management & Service Delivery

  • Complex & Simple Assets

  • Compliance Programs

  • Consulting Contracts

  • Cost Reduction Strategies 

  • Executive Sponsorship 

  • Hardware Contracts 

  • Invoice Reconciliation 

  • Licensing Model Evolution 

  • Life Cycle Management 

  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures 

  • Negotiation Strategies 

  • Networking Contracts 

  • Ongoing Program Management 

  • Outsourcing Contracts 

  • Procurement Processes 

  • Revitalizing Asset Management Programs 

  • Return on Investment 

  • Software Contracts 

  • Software Maintenance 

  • Supplier Management 

  • Telecom Contracts 

  • Terms and Conditions 

  • Tool Selection


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