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Cicala & Associates Privacy Statement

Cicala & Associates adheres to the following privacy policies:

We collect your personal information only with your informed consent.
We use your information for personalization, identification, and communication.
We do not sell or redistribute your personal information outside of Cicala & Associates without prior notice to you.
You always have access to your personal information.

Cicala & Associates believes:

You should understand how we use the information you provide; and
You have the right to approve the use of that information.

In using, you may be asked to provide information (such as name, contact information, or other registration information) to Cicala & Associates. We may use this information to tailor our response to you, facilitate your movement through the web site, or communicate separately with you. We will not provide such personally identifiable information to companies outside Cicala & Associates without prior notice to you. We will use our best efforts to prohibit the companies that get such information from selling or redistributing it without such prior notice, but can give no assurance this will not happen.

Registration is required for Subscribers who have access to Subscriber-only sections of the Site. If you are not a Subscriber, you can still access many sections of the Web site.

We invite you to review and make any necessary corrections to your contact information. If you are having a question relating to this policy, please contact us at If you do not want to receive any future communications from Cicala & Associates, please contact us at


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