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Cicala and Associates LLC

Cicala & Associates are your one-stop resource for IT asset/contract/vendor management and procurement professionals. A specialized consulting and services organization, Cicala assists organizations in aggressively managing their IT assets throughout the life cycle, from the planning stages through initial acquisition, ongoing management, contract renewal and disposal or retirement.

From Education to Outsourcing

Cicala IT Asset Management services address the entire lifecycle, providing the support you need, from initial planning to disposal and retirement. The service offerings complement and provide the complete support infrastructure for successful asset management programs.

We help organizations address a wide range of real-world challenges through training and mentoring personnel assuming new responsibilities, providing specific strategic and tactical guidance, and out-tasking part or all of the management accountabilities of an organizations IT asset portfolio.

We also assist parties to quickly and fairly resolve contract disputes. In the rare event where mediation fails, Cicala as an independent authority has and can provide Expert Witness testimony.

Cicala services that provide the IT Asset Management support you need, when you need it

Cicala Domain Expertise

Recent engagements have delivered value to clients in the following areas:



IT Related Services

  • IBM

  • Hitachi

  • Amdahl

  • EMC

  • Sun

  • HP

  • Gateway

  • Dell

  • Cisco

  • Nortel

  • 3COM

  • Rohm

  • Palm

  • IBM

  • Computer Associates

  • BMC

  • Compuware

  • Microsoft

  • Oracle

  • Sybase

  • SAS

  • Serena

  • Allen Systems Group

  • Siebel

  • PeopleSoft

  • SAP

  • Symantec

  • Novell

  • Veritas

  • Network Associates

  • Ariba

  • i2

  • Baan

  • Telecom

  • Hardware Maintenance

  • Hardware Service Providers

  • Software Maintenance

  • Software Service Providers

  • Software Development Contracts

  • Consultancy Contracts

  • Integrators

  • Asset Management Programs

  • Asset Management Processes

  • Procurement Processes

  • On-going Project/Program Management


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