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Cicala and Associates LLC

Quarterly analysis of the IT markets' financial performance from a Wall Street perspective. The commentaries look at how the key vendors are performing to shareholder expectations and more importantly, what it might mean for you

Market Commentary Q1 2005 Market Commentary: What's Hot?

The IT market continues to be a series of contradictions. One day, projected spending is up; the next day, it is down. Depending on who is reading the tea leaves, the recovery is yet to come or it is past. In this market commentary, we will look at two hot topics for IT buyers and suppliers: Storage and Security    read more

Q1 2005 Market Commentary: System Software Market - Ticking Along

Acquisition activity has increased in this market, as suppliers look to strengthen their positions in the growing security software market (See "Q1 2005 Market Commentary: What's Hot?") and to enhance existing product offerings. Market results were mixed, however, signaling that a strong recovery has not yet taken hold in this market. In this market commentary, we look at events of the past quarter in this space    read more


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