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Formed in 2000 with a passionate belief and knowledge of the value that the IT Asset Management discipline delivers, Cicala & Associates are the leading independent source of Best Practice. From offices across the USA and Europe we work with organizations at all levels of maturity, providing tactical assistance and strategic guidance that achieves their objectives.

Cicala Mission

Our purpose is help our client organizations maintain control of their IT investments, and ultimately control their own destiny.

We believe that IT is over-complex by design and that this complexity prevents user organizations from delivering clear business value.

We believe that IT Asset Management Best Practices address this fundamental imbalance with informed organizations making superior investment decisions. This enables organizations to better manage their financial and business risks and grasp opportunities.

We will work with our clients in a style that is most appropriate  and customized to their needs, as and when required, for as long as required only. Our future success depends upon our delivering value at each and every opportunity.


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