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Cicala and Associates LLC

Fast, direct access to the most comprehensive body of IT Asset Management (ITAM) knowledge in the industry ensures your understanding of the key principles and processes that will make the difference for your organization and how best to apply them.

Best Practice Specific to your Organization

Apply our expertise and intelligence to your real world asset management challenges as part of the strategy service. The AskCicala inquiry service gives you direct access to our experts who will continuously keep your asset management program on track.

A guaranteed service level ensures that you will get a swift response to your questions, delivering the advice and guidance you need, when you need it.

AskCicala Examples

AskCicala supports clients across the whole ITAM spectrum with most inquiries falling into one of the three domains:-

People, Processes, Tools
Terms and Conditions


Asset Management FAQ's

AskCicala helps people answer their questions and address their challenges:-

Asset Managers
Strategic Sourcing, Purchasing and Accounts Payable


AskCicala - providing real world answers to real world questions


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