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Cicala and Associates LLC

Fast, direct access to the most comprehensive body of IT Asset Management (ITAM) knowledge in the industry ensures your understanding of the key principles and processes that will make the difference for your organization and how best to apply them.

AskCicala Examples

AskCicala supports clients across the whole ITAM spectrum with most inquiries falling into one of the three domains:-

People, Processes, Tools

For organizations initiating ITAM programs and/or looking to move them to the next level:-

How many people should I have in my organization and what should their job descriptions be for a successful asset management program with X number of PCs, Y Servers, Z Mainframes and associated software?

I have XYZ tools in house currently for my asset management program? What other tools do I need for a successful program? Which tools are the 'best in breed' for my needs?

What are the critical success factors and normal Return On Investment (ROI) for an ITAM program?


Terms and Conditions

My xxx agreement with vendor ABC has the following clauses in it:-

Clause mm - Subsequent Operating Systems Use and Associated Charges
Clause nn - Confidentiality
Clause oo - Maintenance

Are these clauses in all of this vendor's agreements with others?

Is this vendor willing to negotiate for caps on year to year maintenance? If so, what is the percentage per year cap we should be asking for and what will this vendor generally accept?

Does this vendor have a historical or current habit of charging a new license fee for different operating systems?



Having outlined at a high level the monetary volumes, products and discount levels they are currently offered during a new or renewal hardware or software agreement with vendor XYZ:-

Is this a good deal?

Can I get better discounting based on your knowledge of this vendor, and what have you seen from other deals of this size and scope?

Is there anything else about this vendor that I should be aware of at this point in my negotiations?


Apply the experience and insight that is AskCicala with a trial inquiry.


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