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Fast, direct access to the most comprehensive body of IT Asset Management (ITAM) knowledge in the industry ensures your understanding of the key principles and processes that will make the difference for your organization and how best to apply them.

Asset Management FAQs

AskCicala helps people answer their questions and address their challenges:-


How can I be sure we are using IT as efficiently as possible?
Do I have anything to fear from a software audit?
Are we compliant?



How do I improve IT's budget predictability?
Where can I save costs?
Will we pass the audit?
Are we compliant?



How can I report and prove the value of IT to the Business Units?
What can I do to demonstrate that IT is keeping its house in order?
How do I enable my senior staff to spend more time on the IT programs that matter and less on administrivia?
What can I do to lighten my administration load?


Asset Managers

What's the best way of prioritizing targets and reporting the results?
How do I start a sustainable asset management program?
Where next after the easy wins?
How do I keep my asset management data accurate and current?
Now that I have got the data, what's the best way of analyzing it?
Do we have enough people and resources to make this program work?
What is the best way of integrating my program into the decision making process?
What tools strategy makes sense for us?


Strategic Sourcing, Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Where can I get the information I need to make good sourcing decisions?
How much can we save if we harvest and re-use our IT assets?
Are these invoices really correct?


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