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Cicala and Associates LLC

As an active member of the US ISO & WG 21 International ITAM Standards Committee, Cicala & Associates is working diligently to participate in the future definition & adoption of SAM Standards

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12 Month of ITAM - Asset Identification Market Needs and Direction

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clarity from complexity

Cicala & Associates is dedicated to assisting IT procurement and asset management professionals in simplifying their sourcing strategies and aggressively managing their IT assets.  
No matter what industry you are in, IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the key discipline that makes a difference, delivering real and actionable results that build trust and establish IT value. Working with organizations at all levels of maturity, we help develop sustainable and successful ITAM programs. Read about the results our clients achieve.
Asset Management best practices developed with world-class organizations. Real-world insight that gives you deeper, more relevant recommendations for the challenges you face. read more Fast and direct access to the most comprehensive body of practical knowledge ensures your understanding of the key principles and processes that will get results for your organization. learn more

Where to Begin?

Do you find ITAM confusing? Do you know where to begin or what to do next? Just how good is that proposal? Access the knowledge base with a trial inquiry.


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